Getting your product known isn’t the answer.
Getting it WANTED is the answer.
— Bill Bernbach


The noise around brands can feel deafening:

Big brands are dead” (they aren’t)

“All brands need a Purpose” (they don’t)

“Influencers are the future” (nope)

TV is dead’ (it isn’t)

“Personalized marketing is the modern way of building brands” (bullshit)

Sponsoring a celebrity will get us into pop culture” (it won’t)

“Branded content and branded entertainment will make our brand famous and relevant.” (not if you’re a toothpaste)

“Inbound marketing is the future” (just call StubHub!) 

“We just need to be disruptive” (okay, to what end?)

As marketers chase the latest shiny object and great traditional brands go into decline it has become apparent that at the heart of many of these problems lies a crisis in creativity.

Simply put - most brands don't know how to talk to people anymore.

1. Marketing teams increasingly hire management consultants to solve branding issues. These consultants have mostly never worked with creative teams and so deliver strategies that a) lack creative communications understanding, b) are not actionable in creative departments and c) ultimately won’t solve problems in the market place.

2. Agency planning departments are spread too thin to give the proper time or resources to think through the complete situation the brand finds itself in, and all the possible solutions to this situation. Given this time crunch their primary focus shifts to ‘selling’ creative work rather than finding the right answer to the challenges that the brand finds itself facing at this particular moment.

3. Classic research is being replaced by the mining of ‘big data’ although nobody seems to know what that really means or how to use it to improve brand communications.

This results in strategies and creative ideas that are by and large generic, uninspiring and derivative.

WHAT you'll GET from wanted

Strategy that is grounded in the realities of what it really takes to make a brand grow

The last few years have seen massive breakthroughs in our understanding of how consumers relate to brands. From marketing science to behavioral economics to neuroscience we have seen new learning that changes the way your brand should operate. We’ll bring that knowledge to every project.

A deep understanding of consumers and culture

We’ve spent our lives doing this but even so we start every project assuming nothing. Should you choose to work with Wanted we are going to want to read all the research you have; the tracking studies, the A&U studies, the category driver studies, the trends decks, the big data, all of it. But then we’re going to want to hear what’s going on in the category and with your brand - straight from the consumer. There’s a better than average chance we will want to do our own research as an additional input into identifying the situation the brand finds itself in.

Strategy that communicates effectively with people

As planners we have spent our careers working with creative departments to develop communication that effectively grows brands. That’s what we care about – how best to address the opportunities and challenges that face your brand in a way that ensures consumers will care about.

Simplicity not Complexity

This isn’t rocket surgery! Many marketers seem more comfortable filling out templates than actually doing the work of growing brands. We’ll help you develop simple, actionable, enduring strategies that let you get on with the business of selling your products.

Senior focus

We only work on one project at a time. Through experience we know proper time, attention and thought are needed in order to solve complex creative problems, so we choose to work on only one project at a time. 

We actually do the work. It will be only the two of us working on your project, bringing in freelance expertise as needed in particular cases. Your brand project won’t get pushed down to the lowest levels of some over-committed agency.

Hire us when:

1. Your brand is struggling and don’t know what to do to turn things around. We’re expert at developing properly consumer-informed positioning and targeting that is going to be useful to your creative partners and is also effective in market.

2. You have some creative ideas from your agency and want to know how they’ll work, or how to make them better. Having worked with the most creative agencies in the world, we are skilled at working with ideas and delivering feedback creative teams can actually work with.

3. You want to make sure brand extensions and innovation are going to resonate and sell. 

4. It’s time to put the brand up for review. We can help you get to a briefing document that will be inspiring for agencies and deliver effective creative work that will help the brand grow.


Mark Murray and David Nottoli have been helping brands be WANTED for more than 20 years.


David Nottoli has worked for the most creative and award winning ad agencies in the world including Wieden+Kennedy, BBH, 72andSunny and Crispin Porter+Bogusky.

In his time at agencies and as a consultant, David helped lead brand strategy for some of the world's most iconic brands including: Nike, Levi's, Samsung, Gillette, GMC/Buick and Bank of America.

He has also built brand foundations at launch for new brands like: Gold Peak Iced Tea, barkTHINS, and Mad River Beverages, and helped reinvigorate brands like Twizzlers, Ice Breakers, Breathsavers, Pearl Izumi, and K-Swiss.

David holds an MBA from the University of Illinois and began his career walking the aisles of retail stores as a salesperson for Colgate-Palmolive. 



From 2010-2015 Mark was based in London as the Global Head of Consumer Planning at Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks company. In this role he led a team of 130 planners globally to ensure that Diageo remained at the forefront of consumer and shopper understanding. During this time the team won multiple awards for creativity and effectiveness, including the MRS Client of the Year in 2012.

In 2014/2015 he led the company’s shift to ‘Next Generation Marketing’, a set of principles and behaviours for marketers based on the latest thinking from the fields of marketing science, behavioural economics and neuroscience.

Mark’s remit in Diageo included marketing capability – the Diageo Way of Brand Building- and leading the consumer planning on several of the company’s key global brands including Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Ketel 1 and Zacapa. 

Prior to Diageo, Mark worked as an advertising planner. He held roles in Johannesburg, London and New York for JWT where he developed strategies and communication for a variety of global and local clients, including Unilever, Kimberly-Clark and Diageo.

Mark also worked as a retail buyer at Woolworths in South Africa and in brand management at Colgate-Palmolive and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

He holds an MBA degree from the University of Cape Town, a post-graduate degree in Psychology and undergraduate degrees in business and sociology.


If you're interested in a consulting project, workshop or just want to chat, send us an email.